What Are Some Common Features of a Well-Fitting Shapewear Bodysuit?

Shapewear is one of the most important parts of your clothes and they’ve a long history as well. It started with hard steel corsets and whale bones (just imagine the discomfort). The good thing is that no such thing is happening now and you get v neck thong bodysuit that is extremely comfortable.

The best part is that these bodysuits don’t compromise on support or shaping. Still, there are some must-have features for a well-fitted shapewear bodysuit that we are sharing in this article!


First of all, you’ve to be extremely careful about the fitting. That’s because if your bodysuit doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be able to highlight your curves at all. This also means that your body won’t get the necessary support. For this purpose, you’ve to be careful about the fit.

To begin with, you’ve to choose the right size. Remember that every brand has a different size chart, so always consult it. When it comes to Feelingirl, you don’t have to worry about trueness of the size because every inch is accurate. When you are taking the measurements, make sure you hold the measuring tape tight and it isn’t digging into your skin.


We know the fitting of seamless bodysuit shorts and bras is important. However, most of them are designed to offer targeted control and you’ve to focus on it as well. Every bodysuit targets a different part of your body, such as waist, thighs, and chest.

You’ve to be careful about this. For example, if you want to support your chest, the bodysuit should have steel rings around the chest to ensure breast has sufficient support. The good thing is that Feelingirl has different bodysuits available for everyone and their control needs.

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Fitting won’t be possible unless you are comfortable. We recommend that you purchase bodysuits that are made from high-quality fabric. Feelingirl uses a soft and breathable material. Also, look for something moisture-wicking.
It can cause bad odor, which is so bad. In addition, a good fabric feels like second skin, so you don’t feel suffocated. This also makes sure that you can wear your bodysuit under regular dresses without worrying about feeling hot flashes.

Seamless Design

You might have the tummy shapewear, but if it creates lines, it won’t look good. For this reason, it is important to choose the shapewear with a seamless design. The seams are also very uncomfortable because they dig into your skin. Also, they become visible under your clothes.

For this reason, it’s important to look for a seamless design. Feelingirl has multiple seamless bodysuits available that you can wear for a smooth look.

The bottom line is that purchasing a shapewear is the right choice. It can help you shape your body without wearing extra clothes. So, it’s time you hop to Feelingirl’s website because you will get a lot of cute options. Also, they’ve lace bodysuits available, so you can turn the heat wherever you go.

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