NFC Technology

FAM Trip Genting

stemboat sauce 3

stemboat sauce 2

stemboat sauce


resort seafood stemboat

trek fashion forest genting

NFC Technology

fashion forest genting

fashion forest

trek fashion forest

the giant budha

chin swee temple view

chin swee temple prayer

chin swee temple

chin swee caves temple


cable car

sky avenue station

pizza motorino

motorino meatball

motorino giant pizza

motorino chicken wings

motorino chef

motorino cafe

sky symphony


atrium mall sky avenue

Y5 room first world hotel

first world hotel room

first world hotel

wayang seni kome peng heng

first world hotel lobby

seni kome peng heng museum

seni kome peng heng

makanan khas malaysia

gamelan seni kome peng heng

seni kome

food stall food factory

food factory restoran

food factory

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